Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the perfect solution

Apparently, Delhi men can’t hold their drinks very well. [1] So the Delhi government’s solution is to stop women from working in bars as bartenders. They’re protecting them that way, keeping them safe. Perfect isn’t it? We’re to chicken to solve the problem, or too lazy, so we punish the victims instead.
It’s just like what happens at the promenade in Mumbai at night. At Marine Drive or Worli seaface or even Carter Road, the cops send everyone packing at midnight. The place has a history of muggings and knife attacks, you see. And since sending innocent, law-abiding citizens away is far, far easier than actually having to patrol the place and keep away the rowdies (work? The sheer horror of it), that’s what they do.
And don’t tell me that there aren’t enough cops and they’re not well equipped enough to deal with the problem. I’m so sick of lame-ass excuses like that. Would you expect to get away with an excuse like that at work?

[1] If anyone is contemplating cracking one of those Delhi versus Bombay jokes at this point, don’t even dream of it. Delhi is like my first love. I see what’s wrong with it, but it’s still inviolable and perfect.


IdeaSmith said...

Not about to do any Delhi-bashing, I promise. Am just thinking of the sheer numbers of junta coupled with all the power dynamics (rich kids/politicos being able to throw their weight around or at very least delay policing/legal proceedings) in both these examples. While cordoning off the potential victims/offenders (read everyone) may not be the most elegant solution, it looks practical at least. Personally it bugs me to no end too but this is an objective, overall perspective. What say?

n said...

yea, I know. it's practical. but it's just so unfair. Doesn't it make you fear a goonda raj when the govt thinks the best way to protect citizens is to put them under house arrest?

green said...

Mmmmm. You are right. Write some more na.

Dadoji said...

Inviolable and perfect did you say??

greekalphabet said...

damn that bombay thing has bitten me so many times. So many times have I been shooed away from the sea at night because of over zealous/lazy cops.

How I hated it.

n said...

shall try to oblige that request :D

you dare question?!

then yuo understand my pain!