Sunday, August 26, 2007

During the party

She stands in the balcony, looking out at a black sea defined by the white of waves silently rushing to the shore. The wind blows the hair back from her face, and a single resisting lock attempts an almost fatal tangle with the burning tip of her cigarette.
As she stares in the distance, her eyes lock on a lone light bobbing in the distance. Well, she imagines it is bobbing, it's too far really, to say. But the harder she looks, the surer she is that it is the single light shining in the cabin of a boat out in the sea. It's a couple of years old, and just big enough for two. She imagines herself lying flat on the deck of this boat, looking at the sky change colours above her. She imagines hearing the waves hit the side of the boat as it is tossed to and fro. And all that she can hear is the sound of the water and the wind rushing past her ears.
Stubbing the cigarette out, she turns around and heads back to the party. A tiny little thought tucked safely in the back of her mind: 'I don't care what they say, I just know I wouldn't be sea sick.'


I see west said...


But you still prefer the party, don't you? Despite yourself...

n said...

I'm just polite :)

I see west said...

You shouldn't be if you want to be on the boat.

Thornbirds said...

I till believe I picked that tiny little thought up. Even though you think to the contrary.

IdeaSmith said...

Nice piece. I like the last line.

n said...

[i see west]
but in my head I was on the boat

nyaah. I maintain that a little birdie must've told you

thank you :)

thornbirds said...

Oh well little birdies or not I did still pick it up :)

It's one of my two truths for the day.

emit said...

How utterly beautiful. That she won t be sea-sick is guaranteed, Even the stubbing out of the cigerette, turning 180 degrees into the room full of madness, and keeping her bearing to go Through it, defines the mindset of a beautiful, and, intelligent girl.

The boat. It better look good in the daytime!

Who is she, n..? Ok...that's rhetorical. But, I still I like her!


Anonymous said...

Don't you write anymore, n? I've just passed by today
After many years. Hope you are well...