Friday, August 10, 2007

Reader's guide

This is a p.s. that is going to be a sticky post for a while.

At some point, I realised that while everything I write makes perfect sense in my head, it may not to everyone else.

So here’s the explanation. The following are my posts from the Rickshaw Run, a rally for charity that I participated in with Shez and Akshay and about which we started posting at teesra.

Though the plan was to post during the trip, that turned out to be pretty impossible, and after returning I wrote as and when I liked about whatever took my fancy. So you’ll encounter posts that talk about the way I felt after I returned, almost simultaneously with a journal entry about the third day of the trip. Hopefully the context will now help you to make sense of the posts.

All photos used so far are, of course, courtesy Akshay.


Anonymous said...

We understand very well, princess.

We are not emit. (Deeply offended at that suggestion.)

Perspective Inc said...

So very interesting. Makes for good reading..

emit said...


With this freaky weather, how in the world are we supposed to Gaze out into the think? I have no clue. Need a vacation badly.


n said...

don't be a dipshit, i don't like those hanging around my blog

[persp inc]
thank you!!

hi there

emit said...

Thank you, n