Thursday, June 14, 2007


As it usually is with long walks, mine has ended some way off from the place I started out from. But it is a small world and I’m close by, so we’ll meet soon.

Meanwhile, this is what I’m up to. It's all very exciting. And it's for a good cause. So, help if you can.


Perspective Inc said...

wow!how incredibly exciting!!am defintely donating and will defi keep checking that space for updates!! all the best!!
(what a brilliant idea and cause!!niiiice!!)

IdeaSmith said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome back...uh, that's if your walk is done. Oh, it isn't? K...see you when we see you...I'll be waiting with a martini!Orumm....may we suggest a piping hot cup of chai as a better option in this rain? You pick the drink, the time and the place.

Strawberry, Organic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ns said...

but why did u have to delete the rest of ur blog?

Dadoji said...

And you did not want others to know your name in the blogger meet!

All the best for the Rickshaw Run.

gubb said...

Where's da blogg?
I wanna see da blogg.

emit said...

Your passion for the way you look at life is, to say the least, very refreshing.

How about giving it a shot at settling down withn someone and make it an evergrowing commitment, and so you just might be on the track to nirvana. And all that you ve seen and experienced, will add up on the pages of your scrapbook for future reference.
We just want an occasional hello from you to know that you re feeling fine health wise.
So, sing away!


confused said...

Come back now!

That's enough! Or we shall raise hell.